• A Patent-Pending Digital Health Solution for the Detection, Classification, and Monitoring of Respiratory Diseases

    Using AI and Remote Health Monitoring technology, IntelligHealth aims to disrupt current healthcare delivery for respiratory disease management.

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    • Our Story 

    IntelligHealth began when one of the Founders learned that a community member suffering from respiratory distress had died in their vehicle at their local hospital. They had waited too long to seek the care they didn't understand they needed. This should have never happened and should never happen again.


    We aim to bring life-saving care to people in the convenience of their homes. We believe in empowering patients to understand their respiratory disease with greater ease. And to provide clinicians with an easier way to see the patient's symptoms and vitals, and better decision aids to help them provide optimal care.


    We believe chronic respiratory disease management can be intelligently, conveniently managed, and in sync with the patient's lifestyle!


  • The Latest Buzz


    IntelligHealth Provisional Patent - June 2022

    IntelligHealth's Provisional Patent Filed

    Recipient of a 2022 Micro-Grant $2k - May 2022

    Funded in part through a Cooperative Agreement with the U.S. Small Business Administration, Federal and State Partnership (FAST) Program.

    Affiliation with EARTH and the University of Washington and Washington State - March 2022

    Intellighealth is proud to be an affiliate of the EARTH program. The Executive Advisors and Review Team Honorarium (EARTH) program will provide a core support structure for IntelligHealth's business and complementary expertise to shape our goals.

    Awarded $5k from Montana Bioscience Alliance -November 2021


    Awarded $30K from Montana Department of Commerce - June 2021


    IntelligHealth Awarded $256k by the National Science Foundation SBIR - May 2021

  • Our Mission

    "Xperiences for the Betterment"

    Our company ethos is shaped and driven by our high-performance executive leadership team, whose aim is to deliver science-based technological interventions for patient-centered health. 


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    Our partners include federal and state funding agencies, technology incubators, hospital, and academic affiliates, and business advisors.

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